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Meet the architects of innovation behind Enzyon, dedicated to your brand's journey towards greatness.

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Door on Enzyon - About Us

About us

Enzyon: Igniting Growth, Redefining Horizons

Our Mission: Crafting Futures with You

Enzyon’s mission is to empower businesses around the globe by providing innovative digital solutions that enhance operational efficiency, drive growth, and build competitive advantage. We dedicate ourselves to transforming the landscape of digital technology through client-centric innovations and expert guidance.

Shaping Digital Futures

Our Vision: Leading with Love for Innovation

At Enzyon, our vision is to lead the industry not just in ideas, but in enthusiasm and dedication to innovation. We believe that by fostering a culture of creativity, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence, we can transform the tech landscape. Our love for innovation drives us to explore new horizons, anticipate future trends, and deliver revolutionary solutions that set new standards. We are committed to being at the vanguard of technology, continuously pushing the envelope and inspiring others along the way.

Unleashing Potential: The Powerhouse Team at Enzyon

Where Innovation Meets Expertise.

Chris Pieracci - Founder and Experience Designer
Chris Pieracci
Founder & Visionary Leader

Experiences: PwC Switzerland, Adecco, Smile in the Eyes, HCAP, Ander Group, Tre D, Jannuzzi Smith. Locarno Film Festival, MANOR, FUSE Innovation, Swisscom, SWICA, Amiata Records, SCS Software

Chris embodies innovation, igniting human creativity to push beyond the imaginable. His work drives progress, transcending conventional limits and inspiring exploration of uncharted potential. Through his pioneering efforts, Chris impacts our collective journey into the future, demonstrating the transformative power of innovative thinking.

Dana Badulescu
Head of Design

Experiences: Festival da Jazz, St. Moritz, Flaschenpost AG, Generali AG, Greenpeace Switzerland, Canton Zurich, Cantonal and Vocational Schools, Mövenpick Wein Schweiz AG, City of Zurich, Grün Stadt Zürich, Swiss National Science Foundation, and Swisscom AG.

Dana is particularly talented at translating concepts into visually appealing solutions and working out the core message. She not only has a good eye for this, but also pays attention to detail, be it in typography, branding or UX/UI design

Kristo Mano
Head of  IT

Experiences: Fiverr Pro, Blu Hotels, National Bank of Greece, McCann WorldGroup , TestIO

Kristo champions technology's power to unite and innovate, focusing on platforms that facilitate seamless collaboration across diverse groups. His efforts have significantly contributed to a more connected and creative global community, demonstrating the impact of shared knowledge in driving breakthroughs.

Fatima Elatef
Business Development Manager

Experiences: ADW SPORTS, Upwork, infotrum,, Noor academy, Amazon

Fatima's story shows that success comes naturally to those immersed in their passions. Her dedication and hard work have smoothly led her to achievements, demonstrating that true commitment transcends seeking success. Fatima exemplifies how passion and perseverance guide one towards accomplishment, making her a testament to the power of focused pursuit in achieving success.

Teodor Otel
Gaming Industry Connector

Experiences: Videomix, Palo Alto, LAB ARTE Rende liberi, Arte del Movimento, Fit & Gym, inclusione andicap ticino

Teodor acts as a catalyst in the gaming industry, bridging companies and fostering strategic partnerships. His skill in networking and facilitating essential business deals not only drives innovation but also helps shape the future of the industry, making him a key player in transforming creative ideas into successful commercial realities.

Enable values

Empowering Solutions for Real Challenges


Our focus is on solving tangible problems that impact real lives. With a dedicated team of professionals, we craft solutions aimed at empowering success and addressing the genuine needs of individuals.

Enable values

Cultivating Success Through Collaboration and Transparency


At Enzyon, we understand that true success comes from teamwork and open communication. Our dedication to partnership and honesty guides our journey, driving innovation and growth within a community built on trust and respect.

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